September 05, 2013

The Power of Music

Music.  It is an incredibly powerful thing, the way that the words flow so eloquently, the beauty behind the lyrics, and that each song has the ability to hold a very different meaning for each and every one of us.

I often have my moments, more often then not, when I get caught up in a song and I wish for a moment that my life could be like a movie and have a soundtrack behind it as it plays out.  We all of those songs that have lifted us up in a moment of sorrow, been our light in a moment of uncertainty, been our companion in a moment of joy, and been our shoulder to cry on in a moment of need.  I could rattle off a list of songs that have done all of those things for me.  With every memory I have, from family vacations in the Caribbean, to moments of heart break, to the moment before I won my Paralympic Gold, countless memories and moments in my life, I have a song that backs them all.

Lately, one particular moment has stuck out.  A moment last week when I become one step closer to achieving my dream of new mobility, my dream of “walking.” I went to the Orthotist and I was casted for my customized leg braces, yes, that means I actually have leg braces that are in the making, which means I am closer then ever before to making this dream a reality.  While my braces were casted my loved ones were beside me supporting me and documenting the entire journey.  That night, someone very close to me stayed up all night and created a video documenting that ever so special day, and in that moment he put music to my life.  He used one of my favorite songs, “Brand New Day” by Joshua Radin, and that moment suddenly came to life like never before, I was trying on different braces and getting my legs casted for them to start making what will be my braces.  Joshua Radin’s music brought that moment to life, for many others and myself, and that video allowed that moment to live on.

That song is not only special to myself, but my family as well.  “Brand New Day” is a song that documents new beginnings, hope, inspiration, and love.  In June of 2010 my sister, Jessica, got married.  Her and her husband, Sean, had a videography at their wedding and they put music to my sister and brother-in-laws special day, they produced a video that allowed that incredibly special day to live on in all of our lives, through music and video, the song, “Brand New Day.”  For our family that song has documented two incredibly special days in our life; the day my sister got married, and the day that I came one step closer to my dream of “walking” again.

You see, there is this power behind music, a power behind words.  Words can heal, they can motivate, they can comfort, and most of all they can inspire.  It is this undeniable power that speaks to us, it speaks to us all in different ways, and carries it’s own special meaning to each person it touches.   For me, words have been my saving grace; they have helped me through times of heartbreak, joy, sorrow, happiness, fear, and uncertainty.  Writing is my saving grace and my muse, music.   It teaches you about life, about yourself and in that moment, it allows you to slow down, take in the beauty around you and listen to the words.  It is magical, and I don’t know if there is any better word to describe it.

So here it is, to our musicians, our artists, Joshua Radin and everyone else out there that is spreading beauty, hope, joy and inspiration through their words and their music.  You allow our memories to live on through your ever so eloquent words, and there is nothing more magical then that.