You’re the best, you can make a difference and you can change the world.
– Christopher Weggemann

We All Have the Ability

When Mallory Weggemann became paralyzed in 2008, statistics told her that she would never have a “regular” life – she’d never have a long term relationship, never get married, never have a family, never graduate from college, and never hold a full time job. These are difficult words to hear, especially for a woman who has not quite reached her 20’s. However, Mallory insists that it isn’t the moments or circumstances in life that define us, rather it is the choices we make following, the lives we choose to live that define who we are.  We will always have doubters, but we are the only people who can decide our destiny.

Mallory encourages others to realize that disability is nothing more than a mindset, every single one of us battles disability whether it be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial or familial.  We all have factors in life that can “disable” us if we allow them to, but those very same factors can also enable us, make us stronger.  It all comes down to the simple choice, and we are the only people who can make that choice for ourselves.

Changing Perception

As a Paralympian, Weggemann truly believes sport can serve as a catalyst to drive greater social inclusion.  Mallory believes one of the many powers of the Paralympic Movement is that Paralympic Sport has the ability to debunk social perception of what disability looks like.

“I believe that if we strive for greater social inclusion on the field of play, especially in our youth programs, it is only a matter of time before we see that inclusion tranced sport and enter our communities.  A more inclusive field of play, creates a more inclusive society.”

Weggemann is incredibly passionate about utilizing her platform as a Paralympian and Motivational Speaker to help change perception of how we perceive disability in our society.

“Disability rights are human rights and we must invest in creating greater access not only to sport, but within our communities and most of all jobs in our society for the millions of individuals living with disability.” Weggemann believes that Paralympic Sport has the power to serve as the catalyst to drive greater social inclusion for all.


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