You’re the best, you can make a difference and you can change the world.
– Christopher Weggemann

We All Have the Ability

When Mallory Weggemann became paralyzed in 2008, doctors and statistics alike told her that she would never have a “regular” life – she’d never have a long term relationship, never get married, never have a family, never graduate from college, and never hold a full time job. These are difficult words to hear, especially for a woman who has not quite reached her 20’s. However, Mallory insists that it is the daily things that make us brave and overcome adversity. We will always have doubters, but we are the only people who can decide how to live our own lives.

Changing Perception

Everyone has a “disability” – some just aren’t as evident as others. As a Paralympian, Weggemann not only addresses how society looks at disability, but also how society looks at disability in the pool. What people need to see is that the Paralympic movement is based on showcasing amazing abilities; it is a world where you push your body to new limits, regardless of your situation. The Paralympic World is a world of heart and soul to inspire a generation. Bravery carries many faces, and we see those faces daily. For some, bravery is breaking down barriers and looking at others without judgment or prejudice. When circumstance steps in, how do we respond? Mallory challenges everyone to respond bravely – to do their best and be their best, each and every day.

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