September 08, 2016

Paralympic Gold Medal-Winning Swimmer Mallory Weggemann Almost Retired After an Arm Injury


Posted on September 8,2016

At the 2012 Paralympic Games, Mallory Weggemann won gold in the 50-meter freestyle under the S8 classification, just four years after being paralyzed from an epidural injection. Yet two years later she faced another challenge when a freak accident caused permanent nerve damage in her left arm and she had to re-learn to swim.

“My arm injury in 2014 left a lot of unknowns,” Weggemann, 27, who is partnering with Head & Shoulders for their Shoulders of Greatness campaign, tells PEOPLE. “It changed how I functioned in my everyday life, it changed how I looked at my own future personally and professionally and it opened a lot of old wounds from when I was paralyzed in 2008. My arm injury has by far and beyond been one of the hardest things I have been through.”

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