Live your life with passion – with heart, free of fear, hate, and judgment. And be courageous, and know that in any given moment, you can make a difference, and you can change the world by your simple actions.

-Mallory Weggemann

It’s Not the Moments That Define Us, It’s How We Respond

In addition to competing internationally and training for the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio, Mallory is an international speaker, delivering messages that are not only inspirational, but also offer valuable lessons in leadership, attitude, and survival in the face of tremendous odds. Instead of focusing on the life she lost, Mallory has done the incredible – she has created a new life for herself.

We All Have the Ability to Change the World

With tremendous enthusiasm and genuine frankness, Mallory Weggemann shares her story – which she insists is still unfolding – with the world. Her journey did not begin or end with the day she was paralyzed, that was merely one event among many in her life that has shaped, but not defined, her. The same, she insists, is true for any one of us. Whatever circumstances we face that may limit us, we all choose daily whether we will allow those limitations to power over us or whether we will face down our challenges in a journey towards redefining our own limitations.

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Hello Mallory, I can’t stop thinking about you from your presentation that you gave in Dallas last Friday to the Aetna team.  You are brave, inspiring, motivating, awesome and beautiful and the list just keeps going on.  I feel like there is something I should or need/want to be doing for you.  I know that is probably strange but I have never gotten this feeling before.

I also want to compliment you on your writing skills as you are very elegant in what you put down on paper and how you express yourself.

My heart goes out to you as I can’t even imagine how difficult it is to relive your story over and over again.  You are truly an inspiration and maybe God felt he needed someone like you to inspire others.

Kendra Hoduski

Sr. Account Manager, Aetna

“Mallory’s authenticity and vulnerability left our organization with a connection to the questions that she asked “What is bravery and how we respond when adversity strikes”? Mallory’s story and fight through the seemingly impossible, left us in tears and a sense that our daily “struggles” are bumps in the road towards our deeper purpose. Since Mallory’s message, our Firm has responded with a deeper sense of resolve, committment to our goals and a rallying call “anything AND everything is possible.” Mallory brought an inspired performace and her message will lift your organization to new heights!!!”


Adam D. Seiden, CLU, CLF

Managing Partner, Northwestern Mutual

Some of the comments back from the attendees were “Amazing” “Inspirational” ” Who wouldn’t feel like you can really make some changes in your own life, after speaking with her.”

Mallory was exactly what we were looking for when we added her to the agenda…impactful, inspirational, and unforgettable.

MFS Investments

All I can say is WOW!!!! Mallory was simply amazing and such an significant addition to our meeting and auction! So many rave reviews and she is simply inspiring!  We had a fantastic intimate lunch, being able to hold the gold medal, and then Mallory stole the show with her story during our meeting.

Niki Diller
Deliotte Services LP

A Few of Mallory’s Speaking Themes

Personal Story: Everything happens for a Reason (includes moving anecdotes from personal journal)

Mallory discusses the day in which she became paralyzed back in January of 2008, and her initial struggles to cope with the fact that everything she knew for nearly 19 years of her life changed in literally the blink of an eye.  After months of self-reflection Mallory slowly started to find her own answers to her number one question, why? It slowly became very evident to her that everything happens for a reason and she shares this very raw emotional journey with the audience by sharing her personal journals from throughout her journey.  Mallory’s story sends the audience through their own self-reflection as she challenges everyone to realize their own journey and insists that no odds are too large to overcome.

“You’re the Best, you can make a Difference, and you can Change the World”

The phrase spoken to Mallory and her sisters by her father every night before they went to bed, is something which Mallory lives by everyday. Mallory emphasizes that everyone goes through struggles, and everyone has some sort of “disability,” some of them just not as obvious as hers. Yet, everyone has the ability to overcome their “disabilities” and make a difference (big or small) in the world. With her unique ability to speak to a packed house, and yet make every individual feel as if they are involved in a personal conversation, Mallory presented a challenge to her audience while speaking at the United Nations in September of 2013, ”live your life with passion, with heart, free of fear, hate and judgment, be courageous, and know that in any given moment you can make a difference and you can change the world by your simple actions.”

Baby Steps: An Intimate Discussion on the Basic Forms of Leadership

Mallory breaks down the pillars of leadership into a more simplistic form, baby steps.  As she insists that the only way to take a daunting task, a looming challenge, a seemingly insurmountable obstacle and conquer it is through baby steps themselves.  In October of 2008 Mallory found her own personal life was focused on change, through her journey and self-reflection Mallory discovered that one of the greatest quality leaders can present is the ability to adapt to change.  Mallory’s story appeals to anyone seeking a genuine and, at times, raw examination of one young woman’s journey through grief to the top of the Paralympic medal platform, from being confined to a chair to learning to walk again with the assistance of leg braces. Even though her spine will never heal, her spirit is active, captivating, and unstoppable.

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