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Unwavering Grit

  Last month I sat down and read “Grit” by Angela Duckworth again - her findings on the relation between talent and performance, her conversation of deliberate performance and the journey of finding passion, is one that sparked reflection of my own journey.   My greatest passions took time to develop, they didn’t develop as a result of success, they...

Dare to Dream

  I have always believed in the power of goal setting – of sitting down and putting a pen to paper, writing down my goals.  At all times, I have a set of three different goals.  The first being my high in the sky goal, my ultimate goal if you will – this helps serve as my guiding compass for...

Comeback 2.0 – My Journey to Tokyo

It has officially been a full two years since the Rio 2016 Paralympic  Games - on September 17, 2016 I raced in my final race of the Rio Games and as I left the pool deck that evening I could have never imagined the journey that would follow.   A lot has happened since Rio, most notably the fact that I...

Utilizing the Power of Sport to Change Perception of Disability

  Sean Berry Photography Nearly a decade ago I became a member of the disability community, a community that at the time I knew nothing about.  I didn’t know the first thing about what living life with a spinal cord injury looked like, although sadly my initial assumption of what my future would look like, looked nothing like the life...

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