Dear friends and supporters,

I am currently raising funds to help me towards achieving my dream of “walking” for the first time since my paralysis in 2008.

January 21, 2008 my world completely changed. I was 18 years old and just two months away from turning 19 and in a moment everything I knew changed. I walked into a medical clinic to receive an epidural injection for back pain and I never walked out. I walked in a healthy 18-year-old girl and instead of walking out that afternoon I was admitted to the hospital because I had lost all feeling and movement from my belly button down; I was paralyzed. It has been over five years since that day and I haven’t walked since that morning.

For months I was determined that I would walk again until all the sudden the reality set in that I was paralyzed and I would never walk again. I dreamed of what it would be like to put one foot in front of the other again, what it would be like to be able to simply stand up, to walk into a room and see my loved ones eye to eye. I have dreamed of that day for years and here I am over five years later and I am ready to make that dream a reality but I can’t do it alone; I need your help.

As I have worked on putting this campaign together it has been very hard for me to put it into words. My biggest struggle is how do you vocalize a dream that is so incredibly simple? For 18 years of my life I walked, I stood, I ran, I did all of it and I never thought twice about it, it was so incredibly simple. Now here I am and it is one of my biggest dreams, something that for over 18 years of my life was second nature. That memory of walking has faded for me, at times it feels so distant that it is hard to imagine that I ever did walk.

Now over five years later, I have decided that it is time to beat the odds and redefine mobility. When I was paralyzed doctors, society and everything around me told me that I would have to learn to move about on four wheels and that was that, but that isn’t it, there are other options. Options that allow me to stand up right, options that allow me to “walk” into a room and see my loved ones eye to eye for the first time in five years.

If you are able to donate, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is greatly appreciated.

Please note, the Indiegogo Campaign page has closed funding but donations are still able to be accepted through the Pay Pal donation button on this page.

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All the best,


“You are the best. You can make a difference. You can change the world.” – Chris Weggemann

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